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7:08pm 10-07-2011
20111010 Things to do:
1. Lindley - organizational structure of MDRRMC with pictures.
2. Lyndon - collage pics of different LGU activities.
3. Rizean - inquire balance of office supplies MPDC
4. Reche-print/hard copy of floor plan of different offices
5. Elizabeth - inventory of Commemorative Book; MPDC office equipments
1:51am 10-05-2011
Gerry Araneta
20111006 Reminders
1. Ask OR Vinalon payments
2. Inquire CLUP & Zoning Regulation Seminar by HLURB
3. Prepare prayer and word of the week
1:48am 10-05-2011
20111005 Reminders
1. Inclusion of bidding fee in the Revised Revenue Code
2. Checklist of requirements for the seal of Good Housekeeping
3. Finalized MOA bet Bunga Ilaya & LGU Jagna
8:27pm 10-03-2011
20111004 Gerry Things to do:
1. Activity Design LGU Family Day & Sportfest
2. MOA Bunga Ilaya & LGU
11:47pm 09-29-2011
1. Rizean - follow up to payment voucher of mpdc supplies from JOFEMCO; need to process asap.
2. Abeth - to send/forward MDRRMC Resolution to Jagna PPA
3. Lyndon - Collage pics of different Fiesta Activities
4. Rizean - prepare letter to BAC Members for the Opening of Bids October 7 and 10 respectively.
5. Rizean - contact no.s of Dextel Trading
5:41pm 09-28-2011
Things to do:
1. Cost Estimates for the Construction of JCGF Reservoir.
2. Bidding of Construction Supplies for the Proposed Jagna Passenger Terminal
4. Organize coop MPDC/ Jagna Waterworks Personnel
5. Duplicate key of MAZDA Service
4:54pm 09-25-2011
20110926 Reminders
1. Rizean - prepare payroll/voucher for Can-upao dredging; had it signed DTR.
2. Gerry - prepare bidding documents for posting at PhilGEPS; call PhilGEPS to unlocked JAGNA account.
3:43am 09-25-2011
Gerry Araneta
]20110926 Things to do:
1. Lindley - to include Maimai Balaba in the MPDC Organizational Structure
2. Rizean - print MDRRMC letter to Brgys Captains for the Oct 10-11 Orientation and Planning Workshop
3.Gerry - liquidation report of Manila Travel
4. Lyndon - tarpaulin design Re: watch out for the New Improved Calamay to be place at market & other strategic locations.
5. Rizean Abeth - continue posting cork board information; please email me copies of your post informations
10:18pm 09-21-2011
20110922 Reminders
1. To post basic provisions and mandates of RA 9184
1:36pm 09-15-2011
MPDC Reminders
20110916 MPDC Personnel Things to do:
1. Rizean – to follow up dredging payroll and ensure pay out
2. Lyndon – to collage distribution of relief goods at Can-upao & Pagina; collage launching of of use of bayong & basket
3. Lindley – encoding of training materials for MS ppt to MS word for website posting.
4. Gerry – to edit and finalized AIP summary
5. Gerry - to send MDRRMC Resolution to DPWH, PPA, etc.
6. Gerry – updates lgu and llpdcpi-bohol website.
7. Gerry – to post frequently ask questions per office.
8. Lyndon – collage pics of JWS activities with seal and Mayor Bec-bec pics enclosed

6:08pm 09-07-2011
20110908 Reminders
1. Rizean - Follow up Ronilita Bunado voucher Re: CLUP
2. Gerry - reschedule PhilGEPS Training
4:13am 09-06-2011
1. To update Full Disclosure of Local Budget and Finances
2. Post LGU compliance form
3:13am 09-06-2011
Reminders 20110906
1. Updates of JAGNA websites Re: Seal of Good Housekeeping
2. To post MDRRM activities and photos
3. MDC Resolution for SIP NO.2 and AIP 2012.
4. Deposit of Registration Fee PhilGEPS Trainings
5. Maps of waterways and creeks
4:59pm 09-05-2011
MPDC Personnel
20110906 Reminders:
1. Rizean - follow up Ronilita Bunado and my Pre-payment voucher; payments of MDC snacks
2. Lyndon - check whereabouts of GPS unit
3. Abeth - attain to the data needed for DOT-JICA Session 2 and file it in a folder.
4. Lindley - make follow ups of the pics for organizational structure
6:20pm 09-04-2011
20110905 Things to do:
1. Rizean – follow up MDC per diem and prepare P100 bills for the check. Check your email for printing jobs. Prepare attendance sheet for MDC and order snack at Vinalon.
2. Lindley – Check our LCD and set up at Goyo Hall this afternoon for the MDC Meeting; remind Enteng to attend MDC meeting to take down the minutes.
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