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10:49pm 09-01-2011
20110905 Things to do:
1. Prepare MDRRM Reports damaged wooden bridge and floods victims.
2. Make power point presentation MDC meeting Re: AIP & Supplemental
9:05am 08-28-2011
MPDC Personnel
20110831 MPDC Personnel Things to do:
1. Rizean – print voucher & authority to travel to Manila; coordinate Ellen to prepare per diem of MDC meeting this coming Sept 5. Please had it ready before the date; also prepare attendance sheet for the meeting; please follow up Calabacita Brgy capt & Engr Porong kung nakuha naba nila ang construction materials for the repair of box culvert
2. Lyndon – print draft AIP 2012 & MPDC,JWS, MDRRM Budget for 2012 (check your email) ; Sept 5 MDC meeting at 1pm: pls set up LCD; How’s the hazard maps customized per brgy? If ready na, ask SLAO how much it cost tanan para mabuhatan na voucher to payments; Edit AIP cover, use actual perspective of the proposed terminal from Reche.
3. Lindley – check and review full disclosure of fiscal mgt bulletin; revised/improved MPDC organizational structure at the cork board; please print this 20110803 reminders 6 copies for their copy; remind Ellen and Allen kung na post naba ang delinquents of JWS;
4. Abeth – facilitate payment of Jagna brochure and coordinate to Nap; where is your CA voucher for Ilo-ilo? Pls fastcraft for me to sign. Definitely I cannot go with you, I will be attending PhilGeps training in Sept 15-16 at Manila
5. Balbal – ensure MDC communication letter had sent and file the received copy at the MDC folder; everyday check and clean 2 motorcycle.
6. Enteng – arrange files of Zoning/Locational Clearance granted with summary; Sept 5 MDC meeting pls be present to take down notes
7. Gerry – to schedule “kutkot” gi pipes at Canjulao for Alejawan & Tubod Monte with Eping Macas; submit MPDC/JWS/MDRRMO Budget 2012; prepare ppt of Proposed AIP 2012; ask Billy the exact figure of the total amount of Budget 2012 (IRA & Local source)
8. Reche – finalized floor plan per office para ma print na ni Lyndon. Please print 2 copies each office: 1 for file and 1 for posting at their office; How was the Proposed Terminal Plan and perspective?
6:19am 08-27-2011
20110831 Reminders
1. Prepare voucher for:
a. per diem MDC meeting
b. cash advance manila travel
c. JOFEMCO School Supplies
1:43am 08-26-2011
20110829 Reminders
1. To payment voucher of the following:
a. CLUP printing charge
b. BIR Doc stamp & capital gain tax
c. Pine Tree seedlings
9:18am 08-23-2011
20110823 Reminders
1. To submit revised MPDC, JWS and MDDRMC Budget for 2012.
2. Accommodate request of a 4” diameter used GI pipes for Alejawan and Tubod Monte.
3. Supplemental Budget No. 2
4. AIP 2012
5. Calabacita delivery of Construction Supplies

7:52pm 08-21-2011
MPDC Week Activities
20110822 MPDC Things to do:
1. MDRRM Implementation Report & Approval of Proposed 2012 DRRM Plan Activities & Budget
2. CLUP per Barangay maps
3. Tarpaulin design for Calamay Proposed CSF
4. Tourism Seminar Session 2 Preparation
5. Zoning Requirements and Process Flow
6. Auto CAD Plan for Proposed Terminal
7. MPDC, JWS, MDRRM Budget 2012
8. MDC Meeting soon to schedule
9. Draft AIP 2012
10. Follow up Calabacita Culvert Box
8:25pm 08-18-2011
20110819 MPDC Reminders
1. Prepare MDRRMP Accomplishment Report 2010 and proposed 2012 MDRRM Plan and Budget
2. Print tarpaulin for Proposed Calamay CSF Site.
3. JaSMED Strategic Planning templates and inputs.
4. Arrange schedule of MDC Meeting Re: SIP NO.2 and Adoption and Approval of AIP 2012
5:43pm 08-02-2011
20110803 MPDC Things to do:
1. Validation and formulation of AIP 2012.
2. Insertion of DRRM compliant in the Zoning Ordinance and outlining Spatial Land Use Plan for the ppt presentation to SB.
3. Programming and Presentation of the Proposed MDRRM Plan and Budget 2012 next MPOC/MDRRMC meeting.
4. Follow up MOA to tree planting sites and the LGU.
5. Follow up MOA between CENRO and LGU Jagna
6. Pick up flexible coupling at Liloan Cebu City.
7. Prepare program of work of Repair of Box Culvert at Calabacita.
8. Prepare new Job Order of JWS Personnel (plumbers & meter readers)
9. Follow up SB Resolution adopting JWS Business Plan and Performance Contracting
5:46pm 07-31-2011
MPDC Personnel
20110801 Reminders
1. Review/enhance bulletin tags
2. Lyndon – collage of different LGU activities; LLPDCPI website headings in photoshop
3. Lindley – finish encode emailed documents for encoding
4. Rizean – follow CIFCO voucher kung na checke naba, ask Ellen Torres
5. Reche – practice autocad for offices floor plan directory
6. Abeth – check inventory of Jagna Commemorative Book
7. Enteng - post status of planted seedlings in Pangdan at bulletin
8. Balbal – motor maintenance work
6:11pm 07-26-2011
20110727 Reminders
1. Abeth Balaba- please remind Enteng and Balbal to check each of the planted trees in Pangdan and Can-upao with the masterlist make a column for nabuhi, namatay, wala matanum, kamatyunon para ma post nato sa bulletin. Follow up again, communication letter for Ilo-ilo training.
2. Rizean - please check balance nato sa budget for mpdc office supplies because we need it for the purchase order to National bookstore.
3. Lyndon & Lindley - please check your email.
4. Retchie - If ma install na ang auto CAD, please make location plan of each offices for posting per office.
5. All - update log book for the whereabouts of 2 motorcycles.
4:25pm 07-23-2011
Gerry Araneta
20110725 Reminders
1. Gerry – to call PALMA Alliance and inquire process on SEC application.
2. Lindley – to encode AIP reference documents; check your email.
3. Lyndon – design AIP Cover page for 2012.
4. Gerry – find and check OBUM manual for reference.
5. Gerry – start to draft the AIP Summary
6. Gerry – finalized MPDC & JWS Budget for 2012.
7. Gerry – book Mayor Abrenilla MDRRM Planning 2012; request MDRRM Fund balance from the Budget Office 2010
8. Abeth – review and compile DOT-JICA Sesion 2 data; follow up communication letter for Ilo-ilo travel
9. Balbal – to clean 2 motor cycle
10. Lindley – to install and test big matrix printer.
11. Lyndon – finish reformat PCs and install Auto CAD
12. Rizean – compile e-copy of BAC Resolution in 1 folder indicating date of Reso as file name.
5:28pm 07-17-2011
20110718 Things to do:
1.Gerry – draft Annual Investment Plan 2012; collect functional statement per office.
2.Gerry – draft MOA tree planting site owner and the LGU.
3.Gerry – flag ceremony announcement Re: tree planting activity at Can-upao & along the road Tubod Monte on July 20; to coordinate MAO for the seedlings and assignment area.
4.Gerry – prepare voucher for payment to CIFCO Liloan, Cebu and pre-payment for the travel; also prepare the voucher for the PVC bend pipes
5.Lyndon – tarpaulin for the proposed Land Use Map for office use and Assessor’s office.
6.Lyndon – to compile different various maps for planning used.
7.Lindley – to collage pictures of various LGU activities.
8.Rizean – update listings of program of works per office; prepare log-book for whereabouts of 2 motorcycle with date, name of passenger, purpose, name of driver, remarks,etc.
9.Abeth – continue prepare survey data for DOT-JICA Session 2 workshop.
10.Enteng – monitoring tree planting site preparations
11.Ritche – to draw evacuation plan of municipal bldg. in a drawing board..
12. Gerry - update LGU websites
1:46pm 07-09-2011
20110711 Reminders
1. Abeth - prepare authority to travel DOT-JICA Session2 for early booking of tickets and prepayments; prepare tourism file/survey forms
2. Rizean - follow up pull-out XRM voucher , we'll be the one to make payment instead of MTO personnel.
3. Lindley - continue updating organizational structure of brgys; cork board entries at MDRRMC Office
4. Lyndon - Summarized in One Folder various maps with descriptions for website posting.

5:37pm 07-05-2011
For White Board Posting - July MDRRMC Activities
1. Tree planting of JWS/MPDC - July 16
2. Conduct of Earthquake Drill - July 15
3. LGU Hour Re: Disaster Consciousness Month - July 7
4. Conduct of Fire Drill at Public Market - July 21
5. Tree Growing Activity in Brgy Can-upao - July 20
6. MDRRMC Planning Workshop - July 26
6:06pm 07-03-2011
20110704 Reminders
1. Lyndon - maps and output in DRRM integrated in MS Word format for the integration in CLUP.
2. Lyndon - edit disaster tarpaulin "Municipality of Jagna joins in the celebration of National Disaster Consciousness Month"
3.Abeth - prepare necessary docs and survey form for DOT-JICA Session 2 CapDev.
4. Lindley - continue scanning and updating per brgy websites.
5. Rizean/Lindley- help prepare tags and documents for posting MDRRMC cork board. Inform Enteng for the preparation of Can-upao Tree planting.
6. Rizean – follow up XRM voucher for MDRRMC
7. Lyndon/Lindley- download digicam pictures for collage and email.
8. Rizean – print forwarded PAL ticket early this morning also the Executive Order.
9. Abeth - prepare same masterlist for tree planting tags at Can-upao.
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