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9:25pm 05-29-2011
1. Follow up purchase order of pc set at B & J.
- Homana nako followup Sir..Tawagan pa daw nila karon ug ni abot na..

2. Repair status of EPZON Continuous ink.
- Gi pa daw ang printer kay ni awas ang ink ug ang yellow nga color tandogon..murag galisod cla sir..

3. Defrag and update anti virus of mpdc lap tap.
- Finished
4. Prepare various maps for Disaster Planning at Cebu June 6-10
- Finished
4:45pm 05-29-2011
1. Follow up purchase order of pc set at B & J.
2. Repair status of EPZON Continuous ink.
3. Defrag and update anti virus of mpdc lap tap.
4. Prepare various maps for Disaster Planning at Cebu June 6-10
4:34pm 05-29-2011
20110530 Things to do:
1. Review and prepare SEC documents ready for notarial.
2. Submit Authority to Travel for Cebu May 31, 2011.
3. Notarized documents at Provincial attorney's office.
4. Prepare power point presentation of JWS Biz Plan
5. Order lunch/heavy snack Vinalon Eatery.
8:59am 05-29-2011
20110530 Reminders
1. To agenda and distribute Jagna Proposed Land Use and Zoning Ordinance
2. Prepare Authority to Travel DRRM Planning at DAYS Hotel Lapu-lapu City.
3. Prepare CA vouchers for the 14 participants.
4. Check JWS billing system features
4:44pm 05-28-2011
Yes Zean, i post sa bulletin ang notice of awards of only 2011 biddings
4:43pm 05-28-2011
Balancing Forest Management thru Tree Growing Activities

1. Site Preparation c/o Enteng & MAO
* prepare MOA between LGU and the Lot owner
* job order - hole digger and maintenance in-charge ( 1 Can-upao & 1 for Pangdan)
* to prepare "usok" and "lipak" (estimate if there budgetary requirements)
* to coordinate activities and schedule with DA personnel assign in Nursery
* to purchase 6 pcs. lagaraw and 4 pcs sundang

2. Launching and Arbor Day Celebration c/o Abeth Balaba
* prepare list of regular and job order employees from the HRMO
* prepare activity flow (program)
* to prepare assignments (name tags) of each departments at the sites
* in-charge snacks during launching c/o Vinalon Eatery
* Attendance Sheets per Office c/o Rizean and Lindley

3. Logistic Supplies and Others c/o Lyndon & Lindley
* design tarpaulin for the activity
- Balancing Forest Management thru Tree Growing Activities
- LGU Jagna joins the Celebration of Arbor Day
* help prepare name tags
* lay-out program and tree planting sites assignments
* assist snacks distributions
1:51am 05-26-2011
Sir Gerry
Sir ask lang ko katong Bid Results on Civil Works & Goods & Services ng naa sa Bulletin sa gawas, ang Notice of Awards ako ibutang Sir???
4:40pm 05-25-2011
Lindley & Balbal
1. Pls had it sign SEC documents place at the drawer to Engr. Pablo Bertumen - MPDC Guindulman you may call him before you go 09173043680
10:18pm 05-24-2011
20110525 Documents to bring to Alona Kew Travel (May 26-27):
1. Comprehensive Development Plan
2. Lap tap
3. GWP Notes
5:15pm 05-23-2011
Abeth Balaba
1. To book Capt. Goyo Hall on June 1, 2011 for the JWS Biz Plan Presentation
2. To contact and recommend resource person/facilitator for the proposed Jagna Tourism Master Plan/ Tourism Development Framework formulation
3. Draft activity design for the Tourism Planning workshop.
4. Finalized Jagna brochure ready for reproduction.
5:10pm 05-23-2011
20110524 Reminders
On PPAs Monitoring and Evaluation:
* update list of projects programs and activities including activity designs
* install mechanism e.g. "signature" in the progress billing as to progress of work esp infrastructure projects and coordinate Ms. Aiding on this matter.
* used sample forms in the GWP M & E trainings
5:01pm 05-23-2011
1. Print Jagna Biz Plan and Peformance Contracting about 6 copies on or before June 1, 2011
11:09am 05-23-2011
1. prepare letter for the presentation of JWS Biz Plan and Performance Contracting.
2. Letter to DRRM/CCA counterpart team for the June 6-10 travel to Cebu
8:08am 05-23-2011
1. update barangay websites e.g. history, vision-mission, organizational structure, spot maps, etc.
2. prepare bulletin tags for the seal of good housekeeping documnets
4:44am 05-23-2011
20110524 Reminders
1. Prepare Authority to Travel to \Cebu on June 6-10, 2011 Re: MDRRMC/CCA workshop (14 pax participants of free meals and accommodations; prepare CA vouchers charge to trainings of MDRRMC Funds
2. Submit ELA Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Reports DL: May 25, 2011 to MLGOO.
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