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4:44am 05-23-2011
20110524 Reminders
1. Prepare Authority to Travel to \Cebu on June 6-10, 2011 Re: MDRRMC/CCA workshop (14 pax participants of free meals and accommodations; prepare CA vouchers charge to trainings of MDRRMC Funds
2. Submit ELA Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Reports DL: May 25, 2011 to MLGOO.
2:27am 05-23-2011
20110523 Things to do:
1. Program of Work - Repair of Balili Irrigation
2. Prepare voucher Laca Purchase of Lot
3. Tarpaulin - spot map for Nutrition evaluation
4. Tarpaulin - upcoming Tree Planting Activitity (June 26, 2011)
9:00pm 05-22-2011
Contact Person and No.s:
Tuting Piollo - Bilar (Nursery In-charge)
038 535-9315
Staff: Orman
8:56pm 05-22-2011
20110523 Things to do:

1. Prepare ELA Implementation Monitoring Report
2. Update fiscal matters new jagna websites.
3. Brgy Capt Laca - assist voucher attachments for the purchase of lot; certificate of availability of funds, appraisal committee report
4. Prepare Authority to Travel - GWP Harmonized Activity at Alona Kew May 26-27, 2011 depart at 6:00 AM SB van
5. June 1 - Presentation of JWS Biz Plan and Performance Contracting with Mayor and JWS Management Board
6. Authority to Travel - MPDC League Monthly meeting May 25, 2011.
7. Personal : inquire 0.5 HP aircon unit; withdrw FICCO savings
8. purchase A4 size bond paper for SEC documents
9. arrange trip ticket tomorrow pick up seedlings at Bilar ( JWS vehicle;driver Jun2)
11:13am 05-22-2011
Sir Gerry
To Rizean
Please get the following lacking data for SEC Requirements
1. TIN No. of SB Member of Duero Mr. Polienoto Bernadas
2. TIN No. of VM of Duero Patton S. Olano - Duero
3. CTC No., date and place of Issue Engr. Josefina S. Ranoa
11:30am 05-21-2011
20110522 Reminders

1. to rectify Bohol Cluster SEC documents
2. prepare program of works Re: Rehab of Damage Communal Irrigation System in Brgy Balili
3. follow up BEMO Re: planting materials and sample MOA
4. assessment review of Canjulao Revamp with JWS plumbers
5. updates on materials/documents of the seal of good housekeeping
6. make travel liquidation on Pangasinan Travel
7. update new lgu jagna website
8. ask updates Engr. Pina for the dredging works
9. to prepare tarpaulin lay-out for the upcoming Tree Growing Activities
10. confirm schedule of JWS Biz Plan & Performance Contracting either June 1 or 2 with Mayor Abrenilla and JWS Mgt Board.
11. MDRRMC activities and updates c/o Enteng
12. follow up pending vouchers and comply findings
11:11am 05-21-2011
reminders and mpdc concerns
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