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3:47pm 11-15-2011
20112228 Reminders
1. To send invitation letter Dec 1, 2011 MDC Meeting.
2. To send invitation letter Dec 7-9, 2011 MDRRMC Strategic Planning
3. Prepare communication letter for Dec 6, 2011 Tree Planting at Tubod Monte
4. To update website posting of Seal of Good Housekeeping
5. To appear SB Budget review on December 2, 2011.
6. To prepare Cash Advance for December 14-16, 2011 Travel to Cebu.
3:02pm 11-13-2011
20111114 Reminders
1.cancel leave of absence
2.liqiudation of cas advances
3.prepare cash advance for drrm davao travel
4. Request for augmentation of drrm travel
5. To submit bidding documents prepare authority & ca to cebu travel
9:51pm 10-31-2011
MPDC Reminders
20111102 Reminders
1. Fill up Leave Application Form
2. Post for Bidding Documents
3. Tarpaulin Job to Slao Printing Press
11:09pm 10-24-2011
Gerry Araneta
Reminders for MMT Agenda
1. No Noon Break Arrangements
2. Chiz Escudero CDF Fund Updates
8:14pm 10-24-2011
Gerry Araneta
8:13pm 10-24-2011
Gerry Araneta
3:39pm 10-21-2011
Gerry Araneta
2011101024 Things to do:
1. To prepare Seal of Good Housekeeping requirements.
2. To make shelves of MDRRM Operation Center.
3. Letter to DPWH & SB Re: reply from PPA.
4. To order office supplies JOFEMCO for the last quarter.
5. Inquire JWS Office Supplies balance.
6. Reimburse JEMRU communication expenses.
7. Order tarp printing of hazard maps per brgy.
8. To make template of BDRRM Committee & Brgy Resolution of the creation; action officer
5:40pm 10-20-2011
Lyndon Reminders
1. Size 3' x 2' tarp GUINADILI DINHI ANG PAGLABAY SA BASURA. Please order 30 copies
3:16pm 10-20-2011
20111021 Things to do:
1. Drainage Master Plan (Auto CAD)
2. AIP Summary 2012 with MDC & SB Resolution Attached.
3. MPA Operational Plan
4. MDRRM Plan 2012-2016
5. Possibilities of Eco-Tourism Master Plan
6. BAC Orientation and Updating of RA 9184 at Davao City
7. Environmental Planning Review Series Files
8. Environmental Forum & Creek Clean-Up
9. Finalization of CLUP and Review of PLUC
10. Zoning and Regulation Seminar at Cebu City on December
11. BOS ISKOLAR SK Planning
12. PHILGEPS posting of Notice of Award
13. Updates Sen. Chiz Escudero Fund
14. Updates of Balances of MOEE
9:39pm 10-17-2011
SK References Materials
9:22am 10-17-2011
20111018 Reminders
1. Gerry - finalized Proposed MDRRM Fund 2012
2. Gerry - prepare cash assistance voucher to the missing farmer of Lonoy
3. Gerry - Draft MPA Operational Plan 2012
4. Gerry - to call HLURB Re: Zoning Regulations seminar, confirm attendance.
5. Gerry - to post Notice of Award at the PhilGeps Sites
1:59am 10-16-2011
Links JO
4:56pm 10-13-2011
Gerry - to call HLURB contact no. 032 2544564 and look for Francis for the communication letter and confirmation of attendance on updating zoning regulations and implementations.
4:53pm 10-13-2011
20111014 Reminders
1. Rizean - please make notice of awards to our winning bidder conducted recently and faxed PO (price based on the winning bidder) after signed by the signatories.
2. Gerry - to met with Engr. Ranoa, Engr. Jamero and Engr Acedillo Re: Construction of CSF of Calamay.
3. Lyndon - finalized MDRRM tarpaulin job including Jagna Tourism Potential Map, Investment and Landmark, warning signs, proposed Zoning etc.and to prepare voucher for SLAO.
4. Lindley - improved MPDC organizational structure.
5. Reche - Work on plan showing the Jagna Waterworks pipe networks.
6. Abeth - finish price monitoring report
7:08pm 10-07-2011
20111010 Things to do:
1. Lindley - organizational structure of MDRRMC with pictures.
2. Lyndon - collage pics of different LGU activities.
3. Rizean - inquire balance of office supplies MPDC
4. Reche-print/hard copy of floor plan of different offices
5. Elizabeth - inventory of Commemorative Book; MPDC office equipments
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