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4:19am 06-28-2011
20110628 Reminders
1. Gerry - Prepare Disaster Long Month Activities
Tree Growing Activities
Earthquake Drill
MDRRM Planning 2012
Fire Drill at Public Market
2. Gerry - JWS Biz Plan & Performance Contract
3. Gerry - GAD Planning Workshop
5:49pm 06-25-2011
20110627 Reminders
1. Gerry - to call SEC Cebu and follow up Atty. Cubero Re: Bohol Cluster of Municipalities application.
2. MPDC personnel - to pick up e-copy of CLUP at PPDO either June 27pm or June 29; to full payment of CLUP writeshop.
3. Gerry - To prepare powerpoint presentation Re: June 28 activity, June 30 and July 1
9:57pm 06-23-2011
sir all ur mandates were done only the one megaphone has no battery...thanks
9:11am 06-23-2011
Gerry Araneta
20110624 Reminders
1. Abeth - please find the 2 pcs tarpaulin designfor the tree planting activity and hang it at the terrace of the 2nd flr municipal building.
2. Rizean - please look for Gerson Nabaja and inform to install sound system early on June 25 Saturday at municipal ground for the audio briefing.
3. Lindley - please inform ENTENG to prepare and check battery of the two mega phone ready for use this coming Sat JUNE 25 activity.
4. Lyndon - any updates on the delivery of the new pc and the reformatted pc
6:20pm 06-21-2011
20110622 Reminders
1. To call SEC follow up application.
2. Letter transmittal/endorsement MOA bet CENRO & LGU and NFA & LGU.
8:51am 06-19-2011
1. Please check your email Re: PDMS Findings for printing.
2. Please check if CLUP voucher available for pick up.
1:08am 06-19-2011
20110621 MPDC Personnel Reminders

1.Abeth – Make announcement of the Tree Planting Activity in the celebration of June 25 Friday Arbor Day at Pangdan. To all LGU Officials, regular and casual employees is encourage to join and plant a tree program (one seedling each) Assembly at Municipal ground to Brgy Pangdan. Office communication will be also sent each department.

2.Abeth - Reminder to all LGU officials and department heads of the June 22 activity, presentation of PDMS and MPRAP (Municipal Poverty Reduction Action Plan) with the Realizing Dreams Project technical team at Capt. Goyo Casenas Hall.

3.Rizean – to order meals and snack at Vinalon Eatery for the June 22 activity. Activity design will be email to you.

4.Lyndon – prepare PDMS software ready for the presentation along with the DReAMS Project.

5.Enteng – follow up MOA sample to Manuel Cadelina. Visit and make the site ready for tree planting.

6.Abeth & Ellen Torres – pls prepare the updated lists of officials, regular and casual emoployees for the tags of tree planting. Had it cut and laminated to be place each of the tree planted. (buy barbecue stick as holder)

7.Rizean – to process payment voucher of the repair of MPDC aircon unit (P 4,500 or double check with the technician kay nakalimot ko).

8.Lindley – follow up reformat pc and delivery of PO PC at B & J.; help tree planting tag lamination with Ellen and Abeth.

9.Gerry – prepare activity design for the DReAMS Project and Budget Orientation.

10.Abeth – please deliver the word of the week “MISTAKES” prepared na ang text ni Rizean. I will be out of town June 20-21.

11.Rizean – rewrite and update schedules of appointment in the white board. Include July 1 – CLUP Public hearing; June 30 – JWS Biz Plan meeting with SB Committee on Utilities, June 23-23 GWP Assessment, July 8 – NWRB at Manila

12.Lyndon – finalized DRRM maps

13.Lindley – follow up my Authority to Travel submitted to Mayor’s Office; remind me the e-copy of tourism in CD

14.Balbal – to distribute office memo Re: Tree Planting Activity on June 25 – Arbor Day. Get from Rizean

15.Gerry – to prepare communication letter for the tree planting/growing activity.

16.Abeth – to prepare raw data and consolidated data of tourism for the orientation of DOT-JICA Session 1

17.Gerry – follow up Nausok waterworks concern and check possibilities c/o Ate Aiding (JWS Trust Fund)

3:13am 06-13-2011
Concern Local Finance Committee Meeting
1.To prepare activity design for the Orientation of Budget Orientation c/o Billy
2.Letter invitation for the June 28, 2011 Budget Preparation
3.Prepare draft MPDC/JWS Budget
5:28pm 06-12-2011
20110613 Additional Reminders
1. JWS Staff Meeting
2. Assessment of Tourism Summit
3. Gerry -prepare communication letter Dreams Project for June 22 Activity/check venue reservation
4. Gerry – prepare additional program of work Balili Repair of Irrigation Facilities and to include Nausok request ( see brgy resolution submitted)
5. Gerry – inquire and book Eloy
6. Lyndon – please Lyndon tarpaulin design Tyrone Bday
7. Rizean – follow up payment of technical writing CLUP
8. Enteng & Balbal – look/call Manuel Cadelina Re: sample MOA for tree planting sites
9. Gerry – update mpdc website Re: to include Jagna pilot project site e.g. GREAT Women, DRRM/CCA, Ring-fencing, DReAMS Project, etc. and M & E of PPAs
10. Gerry – final inspection of Jagna Public Market and coordinate with Peter J.
11. Gerry – to remind Engr. Pina fish vendor damage gutter
12. Lyndon & Gerry – to review and finish outputs of DRRM/CCA at Cebu for email and integration to CLUP.
13. Lindley – MDDRMC cork board prepare tags and posting materials
14. Lyndon – check B & J delivery of new pc desktop
15. Gerry – liquidation of various travel
16. Gerry – prepare authority to travel for Cebu and NWRB
17. Gerry – book travel to Manila July Re: NWRB
18. Rizean – prepare voucher for annual water due of water permits
19. Gerry – back up of Godwin files
20. Gerry – check continuing trust fund for possibilities of purchase of notebook
21. Gerry – inspect laying of pe pipes at Canukso
22. Enteng – purchase of trash cans for MDRRMC; ask petty cash with Ellen Torres
23. MPDC/JWS Personnel – prepare word of the week and prayer.
24. Gerry – meeting with Nimfa and Billy Re: Budget Workshop preparation June 28
25. Gerry – Look for Engr. Porong Mangyao Re: PCAPI-7 Congress and other concerns…

7:25am 06-11-2011
20110613 Reminders
1. voucher - inspection and acceptance of Jagna Farmer's Trading Center; check progress of work and contract
2. Check trust fund continuing appropriation for possibilities to purchase notebook
3. Dreams Project -June 22 Activity Re: PDMS Orientation and MPRAP; prepare activity design
4. Job Order- Nursery and Tree Planting site maintenance personnel
11:46pm 06-07-2011
20110608 Reminders
1. SB Resolution authorizing Mayor to enter Bohol Cluster MOA.
2. Website Development enhancement training with Bing.
3:14am 06-07-2011
Sir Gerry
1. Naay gdunggang ng resibo s MDRRMC dari sir saon mani ng nahurot nman ang contingency s POW.
2. Maggama ko ug voucher for the 20 bags of cement what man akoa attachment sir??
3. Nanawag d.ay ang tga National Mapping & Resource Information ng.ask ug na fill-upan nba nmu ang template ng ilang g.fax.?If possible before June 20 ma refax na nLa.
3. Ok nah ang SB Res. regarding s FCM.Na xerox na nko naa s imong table.
4. Ang Job Order OK npd ako ng gbutang u table.
5. Search pako for the Word of the Week.
5:34am 06-05-2011
Sir Gerry
20110606 Reminders for MPDC Personnel
1. Gerry- To schedule website development enhancement with Bing of Auza.
2. Gerry - Prepare endorsement/routing slip of JWS Biz Plan & Performance Contracting to &th Sangguniang Bayan
3. Gerry - To make follow up Bohol Cluster of Municipalities application at SEC and look for Atty. Cubero.
4. Balbal - Program of Work & Plan Electrical Plan if signed by Mayor to forward to Ms. Ape Daniel at her residence.
5. Rizean - Furnish other copy of Authority to Travel of Hon. Nimfa Lloren to SB c/o Rizean to forward thru Ate Ysal.
6. Enteng - To follow up sample MOA bet lot owner and LGU to Mr. Manuel Cadelina DENR personel at Canjulao.
7. CA voucher to submit to Mr. Nestor Arban after endorsement of all checks has been signed.
8. To remind Lindley meeting of Dreams Project and pick up 2 copies of draft CLUP at PPDO Office c/o Engr. Runilita Bunadado
9. Rizean - pls check if Job Order for Nursery and Site Care taker has been print and submitted.
10. Rizean - prepare voucher additional 20 bags cement for Balili and rental of acetylene gauge.
11. Abeth - Check and had it ready all materials for Tourism Summit.
12. Lyndon - tarpaulin design for Arbor Day and Tree Planting Activity.
13. Gerry - Liquidation voucher for Pangasinan travel.
14. Rizean - Kept picture of Whales found in Jagna at my table; to buy picture frame
15. Lindley - pls get from Ding2 and give my St Peter Plan premium to Lito. Tnx
16. Rizean - pls prepare word of the week and prayer for our schedule-MPDC. Thanks.
6:16pm 06-02-2011
1. Pls print JWS Biz Plan orig one copy nya ipa photocopy 11 copies
2. Check your email Re: Vouchers for process
9:46am 06-01-2011
20110602 Reminders
1. Follow up CA of Cebu travel
2. Book fast craft Tagb-Cebu-Tagb via Weesam 8:45 AM departure
3. Email draft JWS Performance Contracting PIP No.1
4.Monitor laying of pe pipes from Tejero to Pangdan area.
5.Record FCM "Bohol Cluster" expenses incurred.
6. Purchase trash cans for MDRRMC Office
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